Personalize Nutrition Plan with Petoneer NutriSpin Feeder

It is very easy to set up meal times with LCD screen. Especially for the early morning feeds, your pet use the feeder without waking you anymore. When the tray rotates, it can effectively detect the pet’s claws entering and stop the rotation at once to prevent the pet from getting stuck and injured. Feeding through the rotary and openable lid, the food tray is not easy to be moved. The locking lid is not easy to be opened, which can effectively keep prying paws from sneaking food ahead of schedule. The touch keys are easy to operate. Lock mode will be enabled if there is no operation for a time. Press Anti-inadvertent Touch button to unlock. In this way, the feeder prevents pets from accidentally touching and disrupting the feeding plan. All of our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled products are powered by TUYA, which means the Petoneer devices are compatible with all other TUYA products worldwide using the TuyaSmart app. Our app is natively on the Tuya core protocol and framework to deliver state of the art, reliable, and secure connected experience to you and your loved furry ones.

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