Network Routing Between Tuya Servers and Devices

Think of routing like using Google Maps. Our smartphone might connect directly (one hop) to your home router, but reaching a distant host can require multiple hops, much like taking several turns to reach a far-off destination. Just as Google Maps updates the best route based on current traffic, routing can change based on network traffic conditions.

Although there can be rare exceptions or misconfigurations causing unusual routing paths, typically, internet traffic will follow the most direct and efficient path. For instance, a user in the USA accessing a local server will most likely be routed within the USA. The choice of routing is not in Tuya’s control but is determined by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Google Cloud or Amazon.

Overall, routing is a complex subject.

  1. Regarding Hops and Routing: When devices connect over the internet, they may take multiple “hops” through various pieces of network equipment to reach their destination. This is similar to how a trip might involve multiple turns or stops in our daily life travel!
  2. Dynamic Nature of Routing: Routing can change based on the current network conditions, just like how Google Maps might change the suggested route based on live traffic conditions.
  3. Routing Path: It’s not common for a user accessing a local server in the U.S. to be routed through distant locations, like Jakarta. Typically, routing is optimized for efficiency, and sending traffic on a long detour would be counterproductive unless there are specific reasons (like network outages, misconfigurations, or intentional rerouting for some other purpose).
  4. Control over Routing: Tuya doesn’t have control over routing, and that major ISPs or cloud providers (like Google Cloud or Amazon) have the capability to configure routing. While individual companies might have some control over their internal network routing, the broader routing on the internet is largely determined by ISPs and major internet exchange points.
  5. Complexity of Routing:. The internet’s routing system is intricate, with various protocols and systems in place to ensure data gets from one point to another efficiently.