Cozy Up Your Pets with This Sofa

It is very suitable for all seasons of the year. There is no need to be bothered by the changeable climates. Your pet doesn’t have to adjust to a new bed and poor sleep. Your furry ones enjoy a cool bed during the hot summer. Furthermore, it can help soothe the pain of senior, arthritic, ill, and pregnant pets with its adjustable heat levels from 20 to 38°C. Your elderly pet feels the cold, especially the chilly single digit autumn evenings. It will love the new temperature controlled bed which keeps it cozy at night. It is also an ideal place to rest, including for newborns. Service and delivery first rate. Just with a single bed, your money can be saved. And our pet will sleep with peace of mind. The embrace-style enclosing brings the feeling of being hugged, just like being in the arms of the pet parent. Even if it is turned on 24 hours a day, the sofa consumes only 1kwh of electricity in four days. Electric bills is lowered.

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