My choice for smart cat feeder

If you usually gave your cat double portions by accident, and sometimes it would wake you up in the early morning to eat. That’s why you need to buy this automatic feeder, because of the good reviews and the fame it had and it EXACTLY meets your expectations. It arrived very quickly and was in perfect condition (new). It includes everything, HD camera with night vision, two-way voice interaction function, large capacity food storage bucket, charging cable and manual. The best thing is the backup battery, which we recommend using it so that it continues to work if the power goes out. Just reading the manual, you can manage to do it and it’s already easy to use. It’s only for croquettes and you can schedule their meals and portions; you can even record a message that will play when it’s time to serve. The truth meets your furry one expectation and it loves the purchase. The most exciting thing would be its use through an application on your cell phone where you can see it in case you get away from home or so.

The feeder looks really nice. Here is a photo for your reference: